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Ecology Assistance

Ecology Study Guide


If you have an exotic (FROM A Foreign AREA) pet and you no longer want it what is the best way to deal with it?


What is the difference between plant and animal cells?


What are producers? Decomposers?  consumers? List examples of each


What do organisms need to survive? (in their habitat)


What role do producers have in an ecosystem?


What is photosynthesis and where does it take place?


What are populations of animals?


What is an ecosystem? What does it mean?


What is carrying capacity? What factors affect carrying capacity?


What is classification?


What are biomes? What is the most common biome in the United States?


What do plants need for photosynthesis?

How are feeding relationships represented? (How do we know what eats what in an ecosystem)


How does a consumer get its energy?

How does a producer get its energy?

How does a decomposer get its energy?


Name 4 factors that impact a plant/animal survival.


What structure do plant cells have that animal cells do not? chloroplasts


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